About Us

Cassava is a specialised Pan-African Fintech company that delivers innovative digital transaction solutions across the mobile ecosystem.

We endeavor to operate wherever money changes hands, with an ambition to drive financial inclusion, digital payments and lead the adoption of e-Commerce in Africa.

Cassava is constantly looking for ways to introduce solutions that bring developmental impact to a diverse range of African communities, thereby improving their quality of life.

These solutions are delivered through our strategic partners such as mobile operators, whom we support in attaining their immediate and long-term strategic goals.


Improving the quality of life of the previously excluded.

Our Story

We are for the low to middle income earners, the unsung heroes of Africa.
They are the foundation upon which this continent is built.
They are always on the move.
Ever shaping a better life for themselves, their family and community.
At our root, we want to go where the need is the greatest, where the divide is the widest.
Where we can shift power to them, to start a revolution.
We believe in the power of insights from their everyday life to inspire innovation.
We believe in digital financial solutions that give them more access, more flexibility and more power.
We believe in a generation that shapes the world they want.

Vision | Mission

Our vision is to provide digital transaction solutions to all the people of Africa.

Our mission is to use innovative digital solutions to drive financial inclusion, digital payments and mobile e-Commerce.

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