Cassava Value Proposition

Value Proposition

We enable our clients to offer additional services to their customer bases, in-line with their immediate and long-term strategic goals. Through our solutions, MNOs can realise a number of key strategic benefits including:

  • Diversification of revenue streams
  • Tap into new areas of growth
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Increase average revenue per customer
  • Customer retention

Working collaboratively with our clients to provide tailored customer solutions.


Cassava offers an end to end service offering to MNOs which allows them to develop, launch, operate and manage mobile financial services and – e-Commerce platforms.

Our Core Competencies

What Sets us Apart.

Operating in multiple African markets, Cassava has accumulated the relevant skills and expertise required to navigate the evolving regulatory environment in Africa. Our commitment to the highest ethical standards and compliance with regulatory requirements has resulted in successful interactions with Regulatory Authorities. We draw on our learnings and regulatory experience from across Africa to drive the successful launch of our clients’ entry into various African countries.

The agent network is one of the most critical enablers of mobile money services, providing a vital interface with the customer for cash transactions, and customer registrations. Cassava has the expertise to design, implement, operate and manage robust agent network systems on behalf of operators, in a manner that ensures a high standard of service to the customer, while maintaining good returns for both the operator and individual agents.

We understand that Africa is a diverse continent of many countries, and hence while our proven methods remain the same, our approaches to in-country opportunities are influenced by customer insights and the local dynamics. Research is therefore a cornerstone of Cassava’s strategy, and we invest tremendously in ongoing research, in order to understand the unique dynamics in each market, which importantly influences our product design and overall roadmap.

Cassava has experience in developing informed pricing and commission structures that present a healthy balance between affordability to customers and value creation for agents.

Cassava is processes-driven. It has stringent methodologies to drive the delivery of efficient mobile financial technologies. Over 100 documented processes (from day-to-day business operations, reconciliations to settlements and regulatory management) enable Cassava to deliver efficient and innovative mobile financial solutions.

Cassava has experience in building strong, financially inclusive mobile ecosystems. Design techniques are well informed to ensure the mobile ecosystem’s stability, viability and profitability for partners.

Cassava provides clients with strategic product marketing support to enable clients to effectively reach their target audiences. With an understanding of the African market, Cassava provides clients with tailored product and marketing strategies for market launch into the various communities on the continent.

Cassava develops robust go-to-market strategies that enable effective and seamless product launch to facilitate faster product adoption, business profitability and sustainability. We are able to design distinct go-to-market strategies that speak to the different audiences in each environment.

With a team of mobile transactions services experts, Cassava is able to provide specialised reporting tools that deliver effective tracking and analysis of products and solutions performance.

Cassava brings solutions that leverage big data analytics thus enabling our clients to tap into new products and services such as credit. We understand the rigours involved, including the laws and regulations, systems, data, risk management and strategic collaborations that we intelligently combine to bring innovative credit solutions for operators.

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