Flexible Micro Insurance Solutions

With a population of over a billion in Africa and less than 10% insured, the concept of insurance still needs to be explored. Without any insurance cover, many families are exposed to enormous burden in the event of an unforeseen situation. This is especially the case where a breadwinner dies, and the family is left to scramble to meet funeral expenses.

However, with greater access to enabling technologies and mobile services, insurance represents a massive untapped opportunity for operators.Cassava’s innovative range of solutions enables our clients to provide mobile micro insurance offerings to their customers. Our wide range of solutions include but are not limited to funeral, health and education, and are designed to allow customers to pay their insurance premiums and receive claims through their mobile money wallet.

flexible micro insurance

Securing you and your loved ones from life’s unforeseen circumstances.

The Cassava Mobile Micro-Insurance Advantage


Customer focus – our product development pays meticulous attention to the needs of the African customer and family set-up, for example, we are able to pay out claims in less than 24 hours.


Innovation – Cassava introduced innovations such as the “Thwala Sonke”, a product which allows a subscriber to add as many dependents. A first in the mobile micro insurance industry


Disruptive model – unlike all other products on the market, our model is disruptive and takes advantage of the economies of scale achieved through our leverage of mobile money and MNOs


Burial societies  – building on our success with individual products, we have launched tailored packages for burial societies further fueling service uptake, and ensuring that premium collection rates remain over 95% (when customers are part of a group scheme, default rates are low)


Strategic partnership with service providers – our range of options in terms of service delivery is extensive thus ensuring we cover all geographic areas, customer needs and requirements.


Diaspora – this is an offering targeting Africans in the diaspora which enables them to cover themselves (including repatriation cover upon death), or to cover their families back home i.e. sponsoring premiums

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