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Tailored solutions for Africans in the diaspora to send money back home.
Africans in the Diaspora send billions annually to their friends and family, significantly impacting disposable household income, which in turn improves access to education, healthcare, food, shelter and other basic services.
Cassava has developed the capabilities that enable diasporans to pay their bills (such as school fees, utilities or medical bills) directly to a biller or merchant back home. Not only does this bring greater convenience among other benefits to the sender, but it also promotes the transition to a more cashless economy in Africa.
Cassava’s capabilities in this space span both source and recipient countries.

Cassava offers MNO’s remittances to add to their mobile money platforms, thus enhancing their overall service offering.


Cassava owns and operates a fully-fledged, secure and scalable pan-African remittances platform that facilitates diaspora remittances from the rest of the world into Africa.
This is a bank-grade platform that has been subjected to PCI-DSS standardization and uses secure communication protocols such as ISO 8583.


Cassava has a digital mobile-first strategy, underpinned by innovative mobile App-based solutions offered in the source markets of presence, and a strong partner network of remittance partners.
Diverse ecosystem of global remittance players and MNO’s connected through our platform, thus providing a wide range of corridors.


It was developed to address some of the glaring gaps seen with solutions provided by traditional Money Transfer Operators around convenience, cost and flexibility.


Innovations – we are able to offer our first mile remittance partners our unique Home Wallet solution, which allows Africans in the diaspora to open mobile money  wallets back home (whilst still abroad), and to be able to use it to remit money home and perform all use cases as if they were home. This has been a success in our markets as it gives customers (sender) unparalleled control, convenience and security.

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