International Remittances

Tailored solutions for Africans in the diaspora to send money back home.
Africans in the Diaspora send over $35 billion to their friends and family every year, significantly impacting disposable household income, which in turn improves access to education, healthcare, food and other basic services
Cassava has developed the capabilities that enable diasporans to pay their bills (such as school fees or medical bills) directly to a biller or merchant back home. Not only does this bring greater convenience among other benefits to the sender, but it also promotes the transition to a more cashless economy in Africa.
Cassava’s capabilities in this space span both source and recipient countries, which allows us to offer innovative, secure and fully compliant solutions that are supported by a rich ecosystem of smart partnerships. Our remittance focus is two-fold: first, international remittances from overseas markets such as Europe and the US into Africa, and secondly cross-border remittances within Africa, particularly from South Africa into the rest of Africa. Cassava helps our clients to launch, operate and successfully manage international remittance services, offering both first and last mile capabilities.

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