Mobile e-Commerce Solutions

Cassava Fintech range of mobile eCommerce solutions deliver a convenient, safe, and secure online transactional environment that is designed to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers using mobile technology.

Our platform is designed to power the growth of small businesses and informal traders in Africa in a way that gives them enhanced reach and greater market expandability; enabling them to connect with new opportunities in a truly revolutionary way.


Africa’s One Stop Market Place: Tengai

Tengai is a subsidiary of Cassava Fintech, responsible for developing and launching Mobile e-Commerce platforms
The Tengai model is to develop mobile e-Commerce focused platforms and license them to mobile network operators. Depending on the preferred model, we can also provide management support to run and operate the service.

Tengai Platform is made up of the following services:

Online Classifieds – Marketplace for buyers and sellers.

E-Store – Online store focusing on one or more types of products e.g. Kwese eStore.

Payments – Payment gateway integration (mobile money, card, cash etc.), and Cassava Payment Account (escrow service)*

Logistics – Delivery service supporting Online Classifieds and eStore.


*Cassava Payment Account – buyers can pay into this account (escrow feature) temporarily until they receive goods in an acceptable state, and confirm. Only then is payment released to seller. This unique feature protects both the seller and buyer

pay protect
  • Tengai Classifieds was launched as an online classifieds platform in 2016.
  • Tengai’s customer value proposition is centred on “helping small businesses grow”, which resonates strongly in African markets dominated by the informal sector. This value proposition is supported through the provision of a platform that connects buyers and sellers, allowing them to transact in a safe, secure and convenient manner.

As a result of this service, the MNO has realised the following benefits:

  • Customer acquisition and retention tool (available for free depending on whether MNO chooses to zero-rate data)
  • Increased revenue from advertising, commissions etc.
  • Increased voice, sms and data usage
  • Mobile money usage


Tengai developed the Kwese TV eStore platform, Africa’s newest and fastest-growing pay TV service. Our model involves delivering white-labelled eStore platforms for MNO’s , retailers and other parties.

  • The Kwese eStore platform allows customers to buy satellite dishes, set-top boxes/ decoders, accessories and even pay subscriptions from the comfort of their homes.

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