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Partnering with you to build and develop your Mobile Money Service

Mobile money has experienced phenomenal growth over the years, and MNO have been vying to grab the opportunity this has presented. However, a few years later, the reality is that not many of these services have been successfully adopted as originally envisaged.

At Cassava, we have solutions that leverage on best practices, customer insights, and extensive industry expertise to support our clients in developing, launching, operating and successfully managing mobile money services.

In markets like Zimbabwe, Burundi and Lesotho, we have helped our partners to establish and grow EcoCash into a household brand.

Our experience has enabled us to build robust proofs of concept to enhance the user experience.

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Send and receive money locally.

Cassava provides an easy to use, secure and instant mobile money transfer solution. Our solution allows mobile money wallet users to send and receive money locally across borders in Africa (i.e domestic money transfer and international remittances).

Users also have the option to cash-out through the agent networks set up for the partner by Cassava.

Part of the Cassava offering is designed to enable the integration of mobile wallets and banking services, allowing mobile wallet users to transfer money between a mobile wallet and bank account and vice-versa.


Secure affordable payroll solutions.

Our payroll and bulk payment services allow companies and organisations (profit making/ non-profit making organisations) to make bulk money transfers and disburse salaries into mobile wallets using mobile money as the channel to transfer funds. The Cassava payroll and bulk payment function provides a secure, affordable, convenient and ideal payroll administration solution, especially to the large population of the unbanked in Africa.

We offer an integrated mobile payments solution that provides opportunities for cross transacting within the mobile ecosystem. The Cassava bill payment solution provides an expanded payment solution, an alternative to the conventional cash transactions for billers such as retailers, municipalities and other service providers.

The bill payments solution provides increased convenience to end-users as they can pay their bills anywhere and anytime through their mobile phones.

Benefits to the biller:

  • Biller payments help enhance customer experiences.
  • It’s a secure cashless billing system that helps avoid the risk of having large sums of cash at biller premises.
  • Reduced queues and foot traffic at biller premises.
  • May result in cost savings by reducing frontline headcount.

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